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Welcome to Popcornopolis' most popular item EVER! For a limited time, select four jumbo cones of the World's Best Gourmet Popcorn™, and then choose TWO MORE jumbo cones, FREE. Choose from our entire lineup of decadent popcorn varieties, and make an irresistible assortment that's uniquely your own. Enjoy this amazing value!

Please note this offer is so amazingly good it can't be combined with any other offers.

More Specifics:

  • 6 Jumbo cones, your choice of flavors
  • Jumbo cones are 21" tall
  • Jumbo cones weigh 7.5-20 oz depending on flavor selected
  • Price varies depending on flavor selected
  • Certified gluten free, 0g trans fat, GMO-free popcorn
  • Nutrition Facts available upon request.
  • Unopened package has a minimum 6-month shelf life
  • For maximum freshness, reseal unused portion tightly


Customer Reviews:

  • on Jan 17, 2018
    Laura wrote:

    I love the popcorn, but honestly, I would swear that I ordered 4 Kettle Corn and 2 White Cheddar. What I received, shockingly, was 3 kettle corn and 6 white cheddar!! I didn't get charged for the 3 extra cones, so I...

  • on Jan 17, 2018
    Rac wrote:

    Fabulous as always!

  • on Jan 16, 2018
    Dawn wrote:


  • on Jan 16, 2018
    Chas wrote:

    Each package is huge. My favorite flavor is Caramel.

  • on Jan 16, 2018
    Shannon wrote:

    Fresh and delicious as always! I am obsessed with Popcornopolis! I love the ability to choose the flavors I want and the quantity I want them in! I just wish this deal offered all of their awesome flavors, includin...

  • on Jan 16, 2018
    Amanda wrote:

    What a great bargain. The Kettle Corn is my personal favorite!

  • on Jan 16, 2018
    Dee wrote:

    Our Family absolutely went crazy for your popcorn. Such fluffy, huge kernels and wonderful toppings. Irresistible.

  • on Jan 15, 2018
    Sunshine wrote:

    You don't offer the lemon heaven as advertised on the email you sent. I would be happy to order if that was available. Popcornopolis replies: Sorry! It's so good we ran out. It'll be back soon though!

  • on Jan 13, 2018
    Joyce wrote:

    This deal was too good to pass up! And not only is the popcorn fresh and delicious the staff is outstanding. They really do care if your truly 100% satisfied with your order. Personal Thank you to Jeff and Jenn!

  • on Jan 13, 2018
    Nicki wrote:

    My order was delayed and they very generously sent me two additional Jumbo Bags for free! The popcorn is amazing and so is the customer service! Thank you guys so much!

  • on Jan 12, 2018
    SMC wrote:

    This is the best popcorn I have ever tasted! Popcornopolis makes great Happy Birthday, Thank You, Christmas, Happy New Year, etc. gifts Everyone loves this popcorn!

  • on Jan 12, 2018
    Dee wrote:

    Great Product! Great Customer Service!

  • on Jan 11, 2018
    Cathy wrote:

    Love, love, love your popcorn! I love the healthy ingredients, it is always fresh, and it tastes absolutely wonderful. It’s great for gifts and best of all great to eat personally!

  • on Jan 11, 2018
    JR wrote:

    This was a great deal..I will do it again.

  • on Jan 11, 2018
    B wrote:

    Still great popcorn but not as fresh as my last order to be honest it seemed a little stale.

  • on Jan 11, 2018
    Shells wrote:

    I love your popcorn in general, but the Jalapeno Cheddar is my absolute favorite flavor and now is my husband's, too! I was very happy to receive my order so quickly after placing it online! :)

  • on Jan 11, 2018
    Chris wrote:

    If 5 is the best rating, my popcorn was a 5! Would love more coupons/discounts.

  • on Jan 09, 2018
    Cathy wrote:

    Had a question.....why doesn't Cheddar Cheese show up as one of the flavors to choose? That is the one I wanted? Popcornopolis replies: We've looked into this and it works for us, please contact customer service...

  • on May 30, 2017
    B tiny wrote:

    Great tasting popcorn and it comes in more flavors than Chicago's Garrett popcorn

  • on May 30, 2017
    Jan wrote:

    The Zebra Popcorn is the best I have ever tasted......always fresh and delicious.....your promotions are the best......expect to be a regular customer!!

  • on May 30, 2017
    keepinghappy1 wrote:

    Absolutely delicious! Great customer service!

  • on May 30, 2017
    keepinghappy1 wrote:

    Great gift to have on hand!

  • on May 29, 2017
    Barb wrote:

    Delicious as always; fresh and crispy. And delivered timely.

  • on May 29, 2017
    Shannon wrote:

    I love this! Always fresh and delicious! I love being able to choose which flavors I want and how many of each! I am obsessed with Popcornopolis!

  • on May 27, 2017
    helenhelpus wrote:

    Hands down, the best popcorn I've ever had! I wish more supermarkets carried it and in more flavors.

  • on May 27, 2017
    POP-corn!! wrote:

    Great flavors. Fresh. Delivered FAST! As usual, outstanding quality, delicious popcorn. Not your mother's ordinary popcorn, it's unique, with flavors to meet everyone's taste and style.

  • on May 26, 2017
    Nicholas wrote:

    The strawberries and cream popcorn is great.The peanut butter cup disappointing.It had no chocolate or peanut butter flavor.The cheddar is always good.Caramel delicious.Almond Toffee was good.My order was very fresh ....

  • on May 25, 2017
    Janice wrote:

    Absolutely the best popcorn. The Cheddar Cheese is top notch. Carmel Corn is better than any I've ever had. Trying Peanut Butter for the first time, and it is great!

  • on May 24, 2017
    Dw wrote:

    Delivered quickly!!! Daughter went nuts over the "Cinnamon Toast" popcorn!!!! Made her day!!!!!

  • on May 24, 2017
    Aimee wrote:

    Popcorn arrived fresh and on time. Love the flavors - something for everyone!

  • on May 24, 2017
    Lor wrote:

    I love Popcornopolis, especially when there is a great deal!

  • on May 24, 2017
    BOBBY wrote:


  • on May 24, 2017
    Sasha wrote:

    I love your popcorn.

  • on May 24, 2017
    Tamara wrote:

    Always delicious! Fast shipping! Fresh and yummy

  • on May 24, 2017
    Belle808 wrote:

    The best popcorn ever

  • on May 23, 2017
    Cindy73 wrote:

    A bit disappointed that we can no longer use free shipping codes with this offer, especially as the prices have gone up. Still, the most delicious popcorn I've ever tasted. I look forward to this offer and watch my em...

  • on Jan 17, 2017
    Jay wrote:

    Great quality

  • on Jan 17, 2017
    Hobz wrote:

    Yum yum yummy delicious popcorn. The flavors I tried were great!

  • on Jan 17, 2017
    Dan wrote:

    Your prices are the best. I love your popcorn. All your flavor are great.

  • on Jan 17, 2017
    Barb wrote:

    I liked being able to purchase the flavors I like and, of course, getting free items is always appreciated.

  • on Jan 17, 2017
    Cindy wrote:

    Delicious!!! Never disappoints.

  • on Jan 16, 2017
    Marcia wrote:

    I love this combination when you have it.....I send it to my parents

  • on Jan 16, 2017
    Anne wrote:

    The popcorn is excellent as usual.

  • on Jan 16, 2017
    Happy Values wrote:

    Excellent Snack - we give them out as hostess gifts

  • on Jan 16, 2017
    lover of popcorn wrote:

    The champion of popcorn! Every flavor is fantastic, every kernel if full of flavor.

  • on Jan 16, 2017
    Rhonda wrote:

    I love this popcorn

  • on Jan 16, 2017
    MJ wrote:

    I just love your popcorn!

  • on Jan 16, 2017
    Popcornopolis lover! wrote:

    My family loves this popcorn. It is always very fresh, each kernel has an abundance of flavor and I love that it doesn't have very many kernels that end up in your teeth. We have to almost hide it from ourselves so we...

  • on Jan 16, 2017
    MamaKim wrote:

    Yum, Yummy, Yummiest, I've ever had!!!

  • on Jan 15, 2017
    mickey wrote:

    I truly enjoyed all the flavors I tasted, however my husband in I felt it was a little salty and since we both have health challenges we are conscious about are daily salt intake. Otherwise if we are going to be bad a...

  • on Jan 15, 2017
    Cincin wrote:

    The popcorn flavors I've tried so far are very good. I loved the cinnamon bun and was okay with the cupcake flavor. The cupcake popcorn wasn't as crunchy/melt in your mouth as the cinnamon bun packaging so was not my ...

  • on Jan 15, 2017
    Snowbird wrote:

    Popcorn was excellent but I received two small cones. I was under the impression that all six cones would be jumbo. Popcornopolis Replies: Thank you, and you're correct. We'll contact you to see what went wrong and...

  • on Jan 15, 2017
    Mel wrote:

    So Yummy!!! The caramel corn is delicious. I will be ordering again.

  • on Jan 15, 2017
    Sally Crunch wrote:

    The best popcorn ever!

  • on Jan 15, 2017
    Marla wrote:

    As always, delicious. The mouth feel of the white cheddar is memorable.

  • on Jan 15, 2017
    Cathy wrote:

    This stuff is amazing. Something for everyone. Wish it didn't cost so much but it's delicious.

  • on Jan 15, 2017
    Kay in Texas wrote:

    Great fresh popcorn—the flavors are amazing and on every kernel. This is something I will be sending as gifts for years to come.

  • on Jan 15, 2017
    Raina wrote:

    The best popcorn and the best place to get it. We've had the cheddar, Chicago Style, the white cheddar and the kettle corn. They are all favorites.

  • on Jan 15, 2017
    John wrote:

    My order was quickly packed and shipped and arrived on the day you said I'd received it You have not only the best popcorn in the universe, but also the best snack food I've had in a long time. We are and will remai...

  • on Jan 14, 2017
    Chester wrote:

    High quality and delicious to the last one (smile)...Love It!

  • on Jan 13, 2017
    Goaty goat wrote:

    Best popcorn ever. Will never eat any other kind

  • on Jan 13, 2017
    Goaty goat wrote:

    Best popcorn...I'll never eat any other kind.

  • on Oct 04, 2016
    Nikki wrote:

    The popcorn is always Fresh & Delicious! :)

  • on Oct 03, 2016
    Crystal wrote:

    We first purchased this popcorn at our local Sam's Club a few years ago and it was delicious! We have since purchased the popcorn twice online and have been extremely satisfied with the taste, quality, and freshness. ...

  • on Oct 03, 2016
    Stevie wrote:

    Without a doubt, this is the best gourmet popcorn I've ever had. I bought 6 jumbo cones, all different flavors and they were all delicious. Fluffy and easy to chew, the flavors with chocolate and or peanut butter were...

  • on Oct 03, 2016
    darqpique wrote:

    This was my first order from Popcornopolis. I was a little disappointed that there was only 1 shipping option to Hawaii which was a Fed-Ex $20+ shipping option but it arrived quickly and in great condition. Was so del...

  • on Oct 02, 2016
    Lili wrote:

    Great customer service and love the jumbo cones. Delicious!

  • on Oct 01, 2016
    kitkat wrote:

    The best popcorn around!!! The jumbo buy-4-get-2-free is a great value.

  • on Oct 01, 2016
    Lauren wrote:

    The popcorn was delivered on time and packed with dry ice packs. I served the flavored popcorn as table snacks for twelve women. It stayed fresh for the three hours that I needed it to. Great flavors and vert tasty. S...

  • on Oct 01, 2016
    Jo wrote:

    Awesome, as always!!! Never disappoints!!

  • on Sep 27, 2016
    Shannon wrote:

    I absolutely love this popcorn—it's only made better when you get a great deal on it! Please keep the coupons and promotions coming—I'm a serious Popcornopolis addict!

  • on Sep 25, 2016
    Happy wrote:

    Awesome product and quick delivery.

  • on Sep 24, 2016
    Shari wrote:

    College surprise... Great popcorn... granddaughter loved it!!

  • on Sep 24, 2016
    Arlene wrote:

    Always great tasting. Never at a loss for what to give family and friends for a gift.

  • on Sep 23, 2016
    Otter wrote:

    Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!

  • on Sep 23, 2016
    Mr. Real wrote:

    LOVE THE CUPCAKE AND CINNAMON TOAST!... Only three stars cause they pulled the order wrong and had to send out the two that I ordered. C'mon guys it AIN'T that hard... Popcornopolis replies: Our apologies. We'll ...

  • on Sep 23, 2016
    Dave wrote:

    Love the Cheddar Cheese. I stock up when I get a deal

  • on Sep 23, 2016
    Foosh wrote:

    LOVED the Coconut Bliss popcorn! Will be ordering that one again soon. Used a few cones as gifts but had a hard time deciding which ones to give away! Loved the prompt delivery too!

  • on Sep 22, 2016
    Paulewogswife wrote:

    My first order was a Christmas gift. My favorite gift for sure! Fresh, incredibly delicious with a varieties of flavors. I was given a cash gift for another occasion which I used to quickly purchase my 2nd order. Now ...

  • on Sep 22, 2016
    Mari wrote:

    We happened on your Lemon Heaven popcorn at a local Costco and couldn't get enough! I ordered this package for a birthday and was amazed at the size of the cones—they're HUGE! Since the promotion offered two free ...

  • on Sep 22, 2016
    Stevie wrote:

    Oh my gosh! I ordered some Zebra and some Caramel popcorn for a group of girls getting together to play cards. We were so busy ooooing and ahhhhing over the popcorn that we gave up on the cards and just chowed down o...

  • on Sep 22, 2016
    kitkat wrote:

    I have been ordering the popcorn for over 2 years and my family loves it! It's very good popcorn with great flavor. I would like to see sour cream and chive flavored popcorn, just a suggestion :) Popcornopolis repl...

  • on Sep 21, 2016
    RC wrote:

    Popcornopolis has been my favorite popcorn fix for a long time. The popcorn is always fresh and the flavor variety is fantastic. This jumbo cone offer has been the best deal so far.

  • on Sep 19, 2016
    Dibbler wrote:

    All of the flavors we have had are delicious. Cinnamon Bun is my favorite! They delivered right on time, which is great considering we live in the middle of nowhere Montana. All around good work Popcornopolis team!

  • on Sep 19, 2016
    Mary wrote:

    Ordered for a second time as we loved our first order. The quality of the popcorn is amazing and so if the flavor. It's tough in warm weather keeping the chocolate coated popcorn but we took the chance.....I love the ...

  • on Sep 19, 2016
    Ni wrote:

    This popcorn is the best on the market. It is always fresh and most delicious.

  • on Sep 19, 2016
    Mrs. Claus wrote:

    This is a 5-Star Christmas Present! I did all my Christmas shopping at once and all the Elves will get a REAL TREAT!! Great deal!

  • on Sep 19, 2016
    Fallbrook Ken wrote:

    How can you go wrong with the Buy 4 Jumbo Cones - Get 2 Free offer? So, I loaded up on some favorite flavors - Jalapeno Cheddar, White Cheddar, Yellow Cheddar, Pecan Caramel and Almond Caramel. Some of the best popcor...

  • on Sep 18, 2016
    Mary wrote:

    This is the best popcorn! The Cheddar is my absolute favorite, but the Zebra, Coconut Bliss, and Cinnamon Toast are out of this world!

  • on Sep 18, 2016
    Got a great deal this time! wrote:

    So yummy and addictive. It is expensive but, I got buy 4 get 2 free plus, free shipping so, that was a great deal and really worth it.

  • on Sep 18, 2016
    Jenn wrote:

    Oh my WOW! This popcorn is really good. I got the Chicago Style, Lemon Heaven, Jalapeno, Cheddar, Zebra and Cinnamon Toast. At first i thought this is a lot of money for some popcorn but after recieving the popcorn a...

  • on Sep 17, 2016
    Gram wrote:

    The grandkids all loved the popcorn. I got great reports from them. Popcornopolis replies: Just curious... why only 4 stars?

  • on Sep 17, 2016
    Chinaman wrote:

    The Bomb! Jalapeno cheddar is my favorite! Taste fantastic! Gotta get more!

  • on Sep 17, 2016
    Linda wrote:

    Try it, you will not be sorry! Popcorn is my favorite food group and yours is the best. Excellent quality and service.

  • on Sep 17, 2016
    Kathleen wrote:

    Ordered this popcorn for my Dad's birthday and he absolutely LOVES it!! I got the 4 Jumbo packs with 2 free extra on a promo deal. I, myself, have never tried this product but from all the positive reviews I've read, ...

  • on Sep 12, 2016
    Sandy wrote:

    I've only eaten one flavor and although it was very good...there were a lot of tiny broken pieces in the bag. I've not had that before. Popcornopolis replies: Thanks Sandy: We'll reach out to provide you a replacem...

  • on May 29, 2016
    Amy wrote:

    Absolutely love your popcorn! Have trued several flavors and have not been disappointed! Well worth the cost!!!

  • on May 28, 2016
    Ginger bear wrote:

    Popcornopolis makes the absolute best popcorn! We always receive top notch service and very fresh product. You can't go wrong with Popcornopolis!

  • on May 27, 2016
    Cecilp wrote:

    This is the best popcorn. Every flavor is delicious! I love the Carmel corn, but even the Nearly Naked and Buttered Up are fantastic. Also enjoy the Strawberries and Cream, Zebra, etc. In fact all the popcorn is delic...

  • on May 27, 2016
    Debbie wrote:

    Love this product and use the small cones in gift baskets that I make. Always fresh and finger licking good! Everyone I have shared it with agrees.

  • on May 27, 2016
    Tblack wrote:

    I love this popcorn. Ate it at a Hawks game and fell in love with it. It was delivered in a timely manner. Looking forward to doing more purchases in the future.

  • on May 27, 2016
    JOHN wrote:

    Just outstanding caramel corn. I could not believe how great it is.

  • on May 26, 2016
    Gloria wrote:

    This is by far the best popcorn I have had! My favorite flavors are caramel corn, cinnamon toast, strawberries & cream, and kettle corn. I know some people say that it's expensive. Yes, it does cost more than the pop...

  • on May 26, 2016
    beekersc wrote:

    Yummy popcorn. Very good quality. I have ordered from other online popcorn stores, and was disappointed. This popcorn was way better and tasted freshly made. I will definitely buy again. Popcornopolis replies: Tha...

  • on May 26, 2016
    A.S.K. wrote:


  • on May 16, 2016
    Barb wrote:

    Love the popcorn, but way too expensive. Popcornopolis Replies: Thank you for your comment Barb. Premium ingredients and small-batch cooking DO cost more, but we feel they’re worth every extra cent, and that's ho...

  • on Jul 27, 2015
    Ernie wrote:

    Zebra is the best popcorn I have ever eaten. It literally melts in your mouth.

  • on Mar 10, 2014
    d wrote:

    I had this popcorn for the first time at Sam's Club and WOW we could not get enough!!! Zebra is like no other.... love it!!! If you have never tried this popcorn it is nothing like any other popcorn!!! You will be ...

  • on Mar 03, 2014
    Tammy wrote:

    I Love the Zebra flavor, it's so good I can't put it down!!!

  • on Jan 10, 2014
    rebec pal wrote:

    What I have tried is very delicious but I wish the company would sell smaller quantities (like a 2 pack) because I don"t have a big family and it would just get thrown out because it is too much popcorn. I hope you wi...

  • on Jan 06, 2014
    diva1126 wrote:

    Who cares about price? People who purchase this item are pleasing their pallete! Eat the best and be happy!!!

  • on Jul 31, 2013
    justmedeano wrote:

    This is by FAR the best popcorn I've ever had the pleasure of finding. Better find some one to share with because once the bag is open it's VERY hard to set down. I LOVE the Zebra and caramel flavors. But the best I'v...

  • on Apr 26, 2013
    marpercy wrote:

    I was introduced to Popcornopolis at Sam's Club a week ago. I can't resist anything popcorn and I've eaten a lot of it. I'm also concerned about GMOs, gluten and high fructose corn syrup, with Popcornopolis there are ...

  • on Apr 25, 2013
    ladygmartin wrote:

    I always buy the cheddar cheese and carmel. Mix them and BAM the best Chicago style popcorn ever. it has Garretts beat all the way

  • on Apr 15, 2013
    lin wrote:

    If you are a popcorn lover, you will never eat another brand once you try Popornopolis! The variety is hard to choose from, but our favorites include cheddar cheese and papa parmesean! A bit pricey, yes, but so well ...

  • on Mar 04, 2013
    widders wrote:

    I am from a POP CORN eating FAMILY OUR BELOVED MOTHER started us as kids eating POP CORN , I really enjoy eating CARMEL POP CORN reminds me of the Cracker Jack POP CORN from many many years ago, My sister is the one w...

  • on Feb 26, 2013
    Teresa wrote:

    This is the best deal ever! If you do the math, each bag comes out to approximately $7.65 each (well at least for me). That is not too expensive for a product that is this GOOD! My husband and I LOVE popcorn and ever...

  • on Feb 23, 2013
    Johnny B wrote:

    I'm always happy to receive the Buy-4 Get-2-Free email, because it's my favorite Popcornopolis promotion. I get to pick six of my favorite flavors (in my case they are usually: Zebra, Jalapeno Cheddar, Peanut Butter n...

  • on Feb 23, 2013
    JBear wrote:

    This is by far the best popcorn I have ever tasted! Well worth every penny for it's superior quality. The jumbo cones are the perfect size to open and share with the family on movie nights! Keep popping this amazing p...

  • on Jan 28, 2013
    Cindy wrote:

    Too Expensive but very good, I bought 4 bags. But only once , Great popcorn buy not worth the money. I would buy more often if it wasn't so pricey.

  • on Jan 26, 2013
    Popcorn Wars.... wrote:

    My last review I gave two out of five stars...the 2 star rating was mainly based on the high price Wally, the Mayor of Popcornopolis, charges for the popcorn..If you got to read my first review thenyou know the popcor...

  • on Jan 26, 2013
    Popcorn Wars.... wrote:

    I have to agree with several of the reviews I've read, the popcorn definitely is Addictive, taste delicous, G R E A T P O P C O R N!!!!, one piece is never enough, and buy 4 get 2 free is a deal. (not a great deal @36...

  • on Jan 23, 2013
    Jujne G. wrote:

    The very best popcorn I've ever tasted. Especially the Zebra!

  • on Jan 23, 2013
    Nestle0 wrote:

    I purchased quite a few regular bags of popcorn from my church and they all went within days, I looked at your prices online and I don't think I will be buying online, you are too expensive, what happpen to the monthl...

  • on Jan 22, 2013
    polly wrote:

    Ivr tried most flavors and all are excellent, Im hoping you keep the candy cane flavored one all yr. it is excellent thankyou

  • on Jan 22, 2013
    50/50 BLEND?!!! wrote:


  • on Sep 28, 2012
    DEAN CLAN wrote:


  • on Sep 26, 2012
    Queendisny wrote:

    Just tried the kettle corn from an event at Sam's Club...WOW!! So good and fresh! I have a feeling I'll be making a return trip to Sam's before the end of the day!!!

  • on Jul 11, 2012
    Cheeky wrote:

    I purchase my 5 bags of popcorn from Universal Studios City Walk in Cali........ MY FAV IS ALMOND CARMEL & PECAN CARMEL !!! THE POPCORN IS LITE AND VERY GOOD. I JUST OPEN MY LAST BAG OF ALMOND CARMEL FROM JUNE 22, 12 ...

  • on Jul 10, 2012
    Becky wrote:

    I bought some at Costco and instantly fell in love with the Zebra. I went back to get more and it was all gone, was definately disappointed.

  • on Jul 05, 2012
    marmahera wrote:

    I am diabetic. I bought some online for my family and had a hard time eating a small sample. I couldn't stop eating it. Especially the Zebra Chocolate and Rocky Road. Buying it online was very expensive. I wish it was...

  • on Jul 05, 2012
    Jackie wrote:

    First bought your product when we were visiting in CA at Costco. For Father's Day our daughter sent a barrel of your popcorns to us in Utah and it arrived in perfect condition and was quickly gobbled up it was so ver...

  • on Jul 05, 2012
    Pat wrote:

    What happen to the 19.99 special. That was just right for my life style. Need to do that at least once a month. Sincerely Pat

  • on Mar 13, 2012
    Country girl wrote:

    Received a 12 cone snack pack with four flavors as a gift. The caramel was the best and the Zebra choc. was to die for. The kettle was good, but we found the chedder cheese a little too much. Would definitely buy, ...

  • on Mar 13, 2012
    Susanne wrote:

    I have been a popcorn aficionado of popcorn my whole life. Let me tell you, I have found no better popcorn than Popcornopolis. I just wish I could have a store right down the street from me! Absolutely delicious!

  • on Mar 12, 2012
    vicky wrote:

    this popcorn can;t be beat! the best ever.

  • on Mar 10, 2012
    Ruth wrote:

    I just love this popcorn. My favorite is the peppermint & zebra. I got some for a gift 4 years ago and I have been hooked ever since.

  • on Jan 26, 2012
    momdoc wrote:

    We tried this at a Sam's club event and have been addicted ever since! This is BY FAR the best popcorn we have ever had!! We particularly adore the cheese flavored. A word of warning...don't leave a bag open unatten...

  • on Jan 23, 2012
    lynne wrote:

    Was at the mall and was offered a free sample. Free is my middle name. I instantly became won over. Bought a bag mix with three flavors; parmigiana cheese, sour cream, and jalapeno. Been back to mall just for popc...

  • on Oct 31, 2011
    A new popcorn fan! wrote:

    I am NOT a fan of popcorn..that is until I tried this popcorn! Wow, I bought the Almond Caramel, Zebra and Pumpkin Spice (seasonal flavor) and all were terrific! I look forward to trying other flavors. Now for a foot...

  • on Oct 31, 2011
    Jammi wrote:

    As a Canadian visiting Kauai we found a sampling station at the Costco there. What a taste sensation! Of course we had to buy 3 cones to take back to the condo. Yummy! My question is... Do you ship to Canada?

  • on Oct 30, 2011
    Baenda wrote:

    This was wonderful! Just wish it was a little cheaper but still well worth it! Something I will buy again.

  • on Oct 05, 2011
    Lindsay wrote:

    OMG!!!! The first time I had this was at Yankee Candle in Deerfield, MA. Since then i have moved and couldn't remember the name or where to get it. So just recently I spotted it at Sam's Club in FL and couldn't resist...

  • on Oct 04, 2011
    dylsgrammy wrote:

    I won four cones of your popcorn for winning second place in a quilt show. My prize was Popcornopolis, and WOW. We loved three of the cones but were not fond of the cheese corn. That is not to say someone else wo...

  • on Sep 27, 2011
    LadyM wrote:

    I absolutely love this popcorn! I've sent it as a surprise gift to family members and they are hooked. I'm so happy it's not sold locally or I would have a serious problem. The zebra popcorn and the cheddar cheese fl...

  • on Sep 27, 2011
    Muoy wrote:

    I bought this product at Costco and loved it. So I then bought it on line, and it was terrible. It came all stuck together from the heat in shipping. We were very disappointed in the product. You have to find a better...

  • on Aug 01, 2011
    Mead wrote:

    Whenever Popcornopolis shows up for one of its periodic visits to my local Costco, the issue isn't "yes or no", but "how much and which." I can manage to stay away from the website, but when they're physically there,...

  • on Aug 01, 2011
    Mudear wrote:

    I have introduced this product to several people and they love it as much as I do.

  • on Jul 22, 2011 wrote:


  • on Jul 22, 2011
    Sister Jeanine wrote:

    This is the best popcorn, I have been around the world and this is the best flavored, tasting addictive popcorn I've ever tasted - The entire family and friends fight out each cone.

  • on Jul 11, 2011
    Martin V. wrote:

    Excelent choice, kids love it ...